Sunday, 3 June 2012

April and May in Pictures

I just realised I didnt do one of these posts for April, and since I havent really done much at all in May, then I thought it best to put them both together in one post!...

 I went to see Steps with a few friends in April. It was such a fun and hilarious night and such a throw back to when we were little doing their dane routines in th playground.

A sneaky post-Steps toilet snap...I look a little manic! 

Easter Sunday with my girls before going out

Really wish this wasnt so blurry...considering the guy that offered to take it was bangin on about being a professional photographer haha. 

Another one that would have been nice if one of my friends hadnt ruined rude! 

 Clearly near the end of the night after a few too many "pull a silly face" photos. Joe clearly didnt get the memo...
A lovely summers night at the races with David...I won a few as well! 

First ever time in Nandos, not understanding whats going on 

Pink hair!!

Thats just about all the excitement I had throughout April and May...definately was a quiet few months with a million exams and essays to do. So glad its over and June is a month of excitement!


  1. First time ever in Nandos?! Are you addicted now? ;) xxx

    1. haha yes I am now! Ive been twice since then :) xx

  2. aah I was the same at Nandos, went for the first time last week and didn't have a clue haha xx

  3. Pink hair??!! OMG!! Tell me how!!???:)

  4. Pink hair??!! OMG!! Tell me how!!???:)

  5. haha 'first ever time in nandos...not understanding what's going on' - I was exactly the same! I swear the menu was in gibberish lol x