Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Recent Favourites

Once again I have been slgihtly absent from blogging recently. I have been so busy setting up for uni, then I got rather ill, and then the past week has been spent celebrating my 20th birthday. I cant make promises on blogging at least once a day like I used to, as Im starting Uni next week. However, I do still love reading blogs and writing them, its just a case of finding the time. I love my little blog and anyone who reads it, so without further ado Ill get on with the post.

This post was meant to be my August Favourites, but saying as we are now nearly half way through September (wtf, seriously?!) that I cant really call it that. However, these are definately my august faves, but about 13 days late, sorry!!

Dior Addict Lipstick in 578 Diorkiss
This was a rather naughty purchase for me in August, and one that I found it hard to justify sepnding so much on a lipstick to anyone in my family. Ive been lusting after it for months, and Im so glad I bought it, its now my favourite lipstick possibly ever. The packaging for a start is so gorgeous, I love how it looks different colours in the light. The lipstick itself is so creamy and moisturising its a pleasure to apply. It has possibly one of the longest staying ability of any lipstick Ive tried. I used to think expensive lipstick would be a waste of money but I really can honestly tell a huge difference between the quality of this one and other cheaper ones. Ive got a FOTD post coming very soon showing this on.

 Barry M Nail Paint in Coral
We may not have had much of a summer this year in the UK, but this nail polish is still teh perfect summer polish. I had this on my fingers and toes for the majority of August if not all of it. Everyone knows the amazing price and quality of these polishes anyway, but this colour is so summery I love it. Ill definately be taking it on holiday with my in October.

Smashbox Double Exposure Cheek and Lip colour in Speedracer
To me, this is just a perfect cream blush. I use it mostly for contouring as its a lovely browny shade, but i also gives a gorgeous natural blush colour. Im a big fan of these kinds of colours as blush, especially with a tan, and this goes on a dream. Love love love.

 MAC Paintpot in Vintage Selection
This has feautured in my favourites post on more than one ocassion but I do seriously love this product. I know it was limited edition, but from swatching at the counter Ive found that Bare Study is very similar to Vintage Selection and is permanent so go give it a go! My eye-makeup seriously does not bunch an inch when I use this as a base. It gives a gorgeous champagney shimmer on its own, which I often like to jsut wear this, liquid liner and lashings of mascara. This is probably one of my favourite MAC purchases to date, just gorgeous.
Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Black.
Ive never had a talent for liquid liner, every time I ventured to apply it I would make a complete mess of it and end up having to angrily take off my whole face of make-up and start over. Until I got this! The felt tip applicator makes this liner sooooo simple to apply, Ive never ever made a mistake with it. It lasts ages on as well, its always still intact when I come to take my make-up off. I would recommend it to anyone, particularly liquid liner novices! Unfortunately this os drying out now, which isnt bad since I got it at Christmas, so now I fancy trying a new one, Loreal Super Liner perhaps

Not too many favourites this month I know, but I really struggled on deciding on some.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Love all of your faves! Barry M Coral always makes me think of summer it's so lovely and bright and that lipstick looks amazinggggg! xx

  2. The Dior lipstick looks amazing and Barry M is my favorite drugstore nail polish (:

  3. Vintage selection is definitely one of the best LE items I'e ever bought. It looks so good on its own when you're having a cba day for uni!

    Congrats on turning 20! That's what I'm gonna be in a few days and I'm scared witless XD