Sunday, 30 December 2012

Did I Achieve my 2012 Goals?

So each year I set myself sort of a "To-Do List" for the coming year. I usually fail miserably, and always write up on the blog with how well Ive done. What better way to end 2012 than to see how well Ive done?..or not as the case may be!

1. Pass 1st year of uni 
Done, Yey!

2. Finish decorating my bedroom
Yes, apart from I need a nice bedside lamp...but we can still cheat and say yes.       

3. Learn how to make a Sunday dinner.
Not really, I make lovely bangers and mash though. Just need to get the roast beef down to a tea.

4. Give David an amazing surprise for his 21st
Yes! I took him to London for the weekend and we went to the Capital Summertime Ball and Wicked :)

5. Rejoin the gym and actually start going at least once a week.
Big fail, I rejoined and went TWICE. I give up on the gym I hate it.

6. Get stuck in to uni work, stop being lazy and actually attend lectures!
Hmm. No. I tried for the first few months back at uni but let it slip recently.

7. Find my driving theory pass certificate
Nope. Its gone forever :(

8. Pass my driving test!
Another big fat no.

9. Make cupcakes to fill my cupcake tree
No! I cant find my little tree so havent been able to do this one

10. Visit Grandma much more often
Yes and no, I do see her more now which is good.

11. Do youtube videos more consistently
Yes! Ive been doing at least one a week for over a year now.

12. Take more of an interest in fashion and accessorising my outfits
Taking an interest, yes. Funding it, no.

13. Watch The Sopranos with David
Nope :( And I bought the boxset as well we just never have the time.

14. Watch all of The OC again from beginning to end
Not this year, Ive been way too obsessed with Gossip Girl instead.

15. Do something really good and memorable for my 21st
I just had a lovely night out with all my nearest and dearest, so yeh it was really good!

16. Go on holiday with the girls (eventually)
Yep, Ibiza was AMAZING. Cant wait to go back.

17. Finally watch the Bourne Trilogy
Watched the first one, so 1/3 of this done.

18. Go back to America
Ha, I wish!

19. Get a job
A big YES finally!

20. Ride a rollercoaster
Unfortunately yes, it was awful!

21. Read at least 10 books, preferably on my kindle or ones I already own
Ive read six. Which sounds like nothing over a year but its good for me.

22. Grow my hair without caving in and getting loads chopped off
Yeeeeees! My hair i supper long now for me (past nipple length haha). But it definately needs a trim. Just not loads off :) 

23. Learn how to do a fishtail braid
Yep, long hair = better fishtails.

24. Watch The Godfather films

25. Drink more water, anything would be an improvement as I dont drink it at all now
I was better at this over summer, not so great now but better than I used to be.

26. Get dressed up and enjoy an evening on Newcastle Quayside with David
No! Skint students cant afford this.

27. Learn how to make bread
Another no, oops!

28. Save up and make plans to go to New York
The plans are there, the saving...not so good.

29. Meet a friend through blogging
Nope :( Maybe if I actually blogged a bit more though.. 

30. Visit a city in the UK Ive never been to before
Yep, I went to Manchester in March. Really loved that city :)

31. Get my ears pierced
Oops, no! Wimp!

32. Sleep earlier and get up earlier
Failed this too...Im practically nocturnal 

33. Watch more Audrey Hepburn movies aside from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Ive bought and seen Roman Holiday so I did this one!

34. Become less shy
Definitely, Im still very shy but much more confident than I used to be.

35. Get my parents to meet Davids parents
Still hasnt happened, beyond a joke.

36. Visit a new country
Yep, Ibiza

37. Buy a stranger a drink in a bar just to be nice
Haha, yes actually.

38. Make genuine friends with the people I know at Uni
Sort of.

39. Make a gingerbread house from scratch
No :( I so want to do this.

40. Try every Lush Bubble Bar
Most of them, at least the scents I like. So I'd tick this one off.

41. Get my eyebrows threaded
Nope, looks too painful!

42. Get a spray tan
Another no.

43. Stay back in Room 105 of The Langdale Hotel again.
I wish...maybe one day.

44. Buy my Mam flowers for no reason
No! Again Im the most skint haha

45. Do one of Jamie's 30 Minute Meals
Nope but I got his book for Christmas so I intend to!

46. See a show in London
Yes, Wicked. Its amazing.

47. Visit my friend Amy in London
Visited London, but Amy moved back home anyway so this didnt really make sense anymore.

48. Do one full review a week on my blog
Sadly a massive fail. I miss blogging almost every day.

49. Get a facial
No but I still really want to.

50. Take my mam somewhere for a beauty treatment
Nah we havent done this yet, maybe for her birthday.

So Im  big fat failure haha, but did achieve most of the big important ones I guess. Now to think of what I want to do in 2013...


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  2. I remember you writing this post, and it inspired me to make my own personal 10 things to do in 2012, although I only achieved 3/4 of them! xx

    1. Ah thats cool that you remember this from last year thankyou :D x

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates the gym! It is literally hell on earth. All the men are posing and checking eachother out lifting massive weights, and there's me dying on the corner after 30 seconds on a treadmill :')

    1. Haha exactly the reasons I hate it too xx