Wednesday, 4 January 2012

December in Pictures

Sadly I didnt really take many pictures over the festive season. I know its a lovely time for pretty pictures but I think it can get very busy and hectic (especially with my family) so I didnt take many at all. December was a month of too much vodka and food, but not together normally! Heres a few night out photos and one of the giant turkey!

Christmas Eve Eve with Karl and Joe, love my boys!

Same night with the whole Pollard family and Tabitha. 

Sophie, Tabitha and me.

Turkey, Grandma's ancient plates haha and SO MANY pigs in blankets! Yum!
 Boxing Day with my best friend Natalie and her friend Trudi who I met for the first time and shes lovely :)

Boxing Day night with David

New Years Eve with David, all of our friends and lots of champers! Perfect :)



  1. hey love. you won a prize in my christmas giveaway but haven't been able to contact you! could you send me on your address when you can; xx

  2. Great pictures! :)