Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sigma's Mr Bunny Travel Kit

After seeing loads of good reviews about the new Bunny line of vegan brushes Sigma recently released, I decided it was time to invest in some. Ive been needing some mre brushes for ages, and knew I wanted a set frm Sigma but couldnt decide which. I then saw this one and knew it had everything I need (for now!). I didnt really pick them for the vegan aspect (all the bristles are synthetic so nothing to do with animals) but because I had heard that because of this the brushes were softer and nicer than the regular versions. I got the black set rathr than the colourful one as I wanted all my brushes to match with the other ones I already own (Im a bit obsessed with that kind of thing!) Im already so in love with this set and I havent even got round to using them all yet!

You get three face brushes and 4 eye brushes..the two on the end are another two I got as well as the set which Il mention at the end of the post. I like that because it is a travel set the handles are shorter and more compact, I think they should make all their brushes this way, I dont know why I just prefer the shorter handles. The case they come with as also really handy, and Ill be using it to take all the brushes I need with me on holiday in the summer, as it will easily fit a few more in than what comes with it, fab!

Ive also found it very handy for storing brushes when Im at home, and since taking this photo Ive added the rest of my brush collection to the pots and it fits plenty in. I put face brushes in one and eye brushes in the other. 
Now on to the best part, the brushes...

You get three great face brushes in this set which as as follows in the order pictured:

F30 Large Powder - Ive been using this every day for my MAC MSF Natural after Ive done my foundation. Its so big and fluffy, one of the softest brushes Ive ever used. It feels very luxurious on the skin and distributes a perfect amount of powder evenly across the face. I know Ill be using this every day now.

F60 Foundation - I havent used this yet as I dont like these kind of brushes for applying foundation. However I have just ordered Origins Vitazing Tinted Moisturiser and will be using this brush to apply it. It gorgeously soft as are all the brushes so it should apply it really nicely.

F40 Large Angled Contour - This brush is really multipurpose. I go thrugh phases of contouring and avent been dong it recently, but this brush is really lovely for applying blush. Its just the right size for the cheek and the angled shape make it so simple to do it properly. This als makes it great for contouring in the hollows of your cheeks and up to the temple and its actually encouraging me to want to contour more just to try this lovely brush out for it.

 You also get four really useful eye brushes. I can never have enough eye brushes as I get really lazy with cleaning them and it makes it easy to grab a clean brush withut having to clean the same ew over and over. The ones in the set as in the order above as follows:

E30 Pencil - I was suprised at how lovely and soft this is. Other pencil brushes Ive got I find to be a bit stiff and sharp but this is gorgeous. Its great for applying eyeshadow to the crease before blending out with another brush and also on the lwer lash line. Another one Ill use every day.

E40 Tapered Blending - This is a perfect fluffy blending brush, and I know Ill use it for that in future, but for now Im using it to blend in my under eye concealer and it does such a good job of it! Im considering buying another one just for concealer.

E55 Eye Shading Brush - A perfect brush for whacking on one colour all ove the lid before a flick of liner. Ill get a lt of ue out of this, another really good brush!

E65 Small Angle - I really like this brush but havent used it yet as I have another brush that I prefer t angled brushes to d my gel liner. I really want to get a good eyeshadow powder to match my eyebrows so then I can use this brush to fill in my eyerows instead of a brow pencil. Any recommendations on a good blonde brow colour would be fantastic!

Last but not least I also purchases the E10 Small Eye Liner brush. Ive got a few skinny liner brushes but none are fantastic quality so I quickly added this to my basket when getting the Mr Bunny set. Its a lovely think brush and makes gel liner a doddle to apply. I recommend it to anyone wanting to try gel liner, its so much easier than liquid! I was also very kindly given the E25 Blending brush as a free gift which I was very pleased with as I had considered buying one to switch up with my MAC 217 but held back on buying it, but I got one for free anyway! Again, loving the short handle, perfect for travel!

Overall I highly recommend Sigma's brushes. Theyre so inexpensive comapred to other brands and just as good if not better. The shipping may tke forever to come to the UK from America but the wait is worth it and kind of adds to the excitement a little...I know I need to get a life!
Thanks so much for reading if you got this far! Its taken me absolutely ages to write this haha.


  1. These brushes look really good, my angle brush I use for doing my brows from MAC has disappeared, almost tempted to give these brushes a go instead!

    1. Id definately give these a go, much cheaper and just as good :) xx

  2. After seeing this, I just bought a set. You enabler! :P xxx

    1. Haha fantastic :) Its such a good set xx