Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Nail Polish Haul

Just realised how long it is since I last posted here, Im not going to make any excuses as I dont think I really need to, I just havent, but Ive got lots of little ideas now! This is a haul post of sorts, just a few nail polishes Ive recently acquired from Christmas onwards. I included  few of them in a recent haul video you can see here if you like, but I didnt really show them up close, so here we go...

 A nice little mixture of OPI, Essie, Mdels Own, Avonn and Sally Hansen

OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark
 One Ive wanted for a long time,and finally caved and bought it. Its
 a lovely deep winter colour which is quite unusual in real life, it has kind of purple and red tones to it which looks quite nice. I havent worn it yet but Im about to paint my nails with it once Ive finished this post, excited!

OPI'S Too Hot Pink To Hold'em
A gorgeous hot pink, I cant have enough pink nail polish and this is a lovely bright addition to it. I cnt wait to wear thi n brigt summery days, and even now on dull winter days it makes you feel slightly more bright and happier.

OPI's Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous
This was a Christmas gift, and not really one I would have picked myself, but its actually really nice when its on. It looks really shimmery and metallic looking on the nails and is actually really flattering. I like nice suprises like this.

Nicole by OPI's Step To The Beat Of My Heart
This is part of the Justin Beiber collection, but that didnt stop me buying this because I loved it at first sight. Im a big fan of glitter top coats over other colours and I thought this heart shaped version was lovely and ridiculously girly, and also a bit of a change from regular glitter ones. However its really difficult and takes a lot of patience and concentration getting the hearts out on to the brush. Then when you apply them to get them in the right places you have to kind of dot them on, which doesnt make for a very smooth or even coat of polish. Still, I cant help but love this.

Models Own Juicy Jules
Everytime Im at the Models Own stand in my Boots this is always sold out, the pretty ones I always like are, and so I had to snap this up when I saw it sat there. I dont knw whether t wear this over a colour or build it up and wear it alone. 

Essie's Super Bossa Nova
Another bright pink, but this one was a Christmas gift and my first Essie polish. This one is more blue toned and right up my street. My boyfriend chose well! Its got lots of lovely blue toned shimmer through it, another one Im really looking forward to wearing!

Avon's Sequined Turquoise
I got this for Christmas from my Mam and its so bloody gorgeous on. Its exactly what the name suggests, a beautiful glittery turquoise greeny toned blue (more so than it looks in the picture). I wre it for New Year and got loads of compliments. I love Avon polishes and Im glad to have this added to my collection.

Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat
I got this as I sadly looked EVERYWHERE for a new bottle of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry (the red bottle) and cant find it anywhere...does anyone know if its been discontinued?! I hope not! I gave up hope and bought this instead, and although it is nice as a base coat, and Ive used it as a tp coat too and it does keep my nail varnish on forever. However, it cant live up to Insta-Dry, it takes so long to dry. I painted my nails 3 hours before bed and woke up in the morning with dul loking nails as the shine had all been transfered away by the inprint of my pillows on my nails...if tht makes any sense to you. So "Diamond Shine"...not so much. I just really need my Insta-Dry back :(



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  1. I reeeeally want that Justin Beiber polish, where'd you get it? xxx