Saturday, 4 February 2012

January in Photos

January for me was a quiet month, as it is for most. I only really went out properly twice, which for a first year uni student, I realise is slacking a bit. I feel like every month the only photos I put in these posts are of nights out, but really thats the only time I take pictures. Ive done other stuff, meals out etc...buut would feel slightly wierd whacking the camera out in those situations. Anyway ramble over!

Me and David on an unexpected night out for my friends birthday. Long story short, we met in the pub with her after uni, before her birthday night out which I wasnt meant to be going on as had uni at 9AM the following day. I wasnt dressed for it at all, including make up, but after a few drinks in the local she convinced us to go out.
(For those of you that are wondering who knew, yes this photo was taken before me and David broke up, but being the fickle idiots we are, were now back together :) so nothing to worry about!) Also thanks for the care and support I had from some of you, it really means a lot and you see who really cares in those horrible times!

Everyone who was out for Jens birthday (shes the blonde girl sort of behind me) I didnt really know anyone apart from Jen and obviously David and Joe, but it was nice! 

Me and Vicky before a night out, a new found friend this month :) 

Vicky, me and Jen being posers with self timer and a book shelf of a nice height.

Me and my lovely Jen. 

Think I'd perhaps had one too may at this point, didnt see the girls at all after this was taken. 

Instead I found myself with these wierdos (kidding, I love them really, may as well be my brothers)
 I was definately not prepared for this photo either, hunchback position with suprised pouty thing going on, verrrry attractive.



  1. You look lovely in all of the photos! X

  2. Sometimes the most random photos are the best :) You look lovely hun :) xx