Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Make-Up I Keep At My Boyfriends House

I realise this is a strange title for a post, but I thought it may be helpful to some, so hear me out. Like many couples our age, me and my boyfriend both still live with our parents. Most nights one of of stays over at the others house. This has led to me acquiring my own drawer in his room, and so I have filled it ith a few neccesities so I dont have to carry my whole life with me everytime I stay over. It makes life so muc easier if you can get your boy to scarifice a little space for you to keep some things, that way you dont need to carry a huge bag everytime you go.

 I dont have the money to have two lots of everything in my make-up collection so I just keep some basics there, and some cheaper alternatives. I keep things there that I know I can rely on and I can wear everyday just to put on quickly, as I know ow much men hate women taking ages to get ready!

 ELF Blush and Bronzer Duo - Ive had this for absolutely ages as you can tell by how well loved it is. This is the only blush or bronzer I have there and find the blush matches any make-up look I fancy, and its one of my absolute favourites so its always gunna work for me. The bronzer is also great for a light dusting of warmth to the face which I sometimes really need.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - This is possibly my all time favourite foundation, in close competition with Jemma Kidd Light as Air, but I cant afford to keep two of thse, so I keep this at Davids. Ive raved about it many a time an can always be relied on to make your skin look fresh.

Revlon Colorstay - I keep a heavier foundation such as this one there too for days I really feel I need a heavier coverage. Ive kept this there since I bought it and nearly always opt for Healthy Mix so I havent tried it out properly, but so far I think I like it!

Avon Magix Illuminator - I keep this there to use it up as it isnt realy my favourite for under my eyes, but its ok. Ill be buying another Collection 2000 Last Perfection Concealer to replace it once this runs out as its so much better.

Nivea Lip Balm - Always need this there a his room is so cold and I get really chapped lips through the night if I dont!

ELF Eyelid Primer - This is my favourite, and also so so cheap so I can afford to keep one there. Id recommend this to anyone, your eyeshadow wont budge! 

Maybelliene Gel Liner - I got this for Christmas when I already had it and loved it, so this new pot made its way to Davids, which is great because Im using it every day at the minute.

Smashbox Eyeshadow in ASAP - I only keep two eyeshadow there which I find is just enough and I like the look this brown colour gives in the crease, amazing quality too.

No7 Eyeshadow in Starry Lights - This is the perfect brightening all over lid colour. I'd be happy to wear this any day of the week so its great to keep there as I know I love it and will always happily wear it.

Avon Supershock Mascaras - I keep these there as theyre my favourite mascara, and Im trying to use up the waterproof one as I cant stand waterproof mascara so Im getting use out of it for a while here.

Elf Eyebrow Treat and Tame - ELF products are great when you love them because they are s inexpensive I just bought another one of these to keep at Davids. A great colored lash gel that gives definition as well as holding them in place, no stray hairs here!

Eyeko Graffiti Liner - I used to love this but nt prefer the L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss, so this has been demoted to Davids, its still nice though so Im happy to use it here occasionally.

Miss Sporty Eyeliner Pencils - Ive had these for ages, and they work alright so Im just keeping them there to use them up as Id never use them at home over the better ones I have there. Not bad products though but there are definately way better liners out there!

ELF Powder Brush - I use this to apply foundations effortlessly and quickly, its much cheaperthan the Sigma F80I use at home and still does a fantastic job.

Blush Brush (No name) - I keep these random brushes from sets at Davids as the quality doesnt bother me for one of applications, so this works fine at applying blush. Maybe as my brush collection grows Ill keep some more expensive, nicer ones there instead.

Eyeshadow Shader Brush (No name) - Ive literally had this since I was abut 13 and it was the only brush I owned. It works fine at applying a wash of colour to the lid and also a little through the crease.

Elf Eyeliner Brush - Since I gt my new Sigma Liner Brush for at home this one has moved to Davids to use with my gel liner there.

Eyelash curlers (No name) - Again Ive had these for years but they work alright for the odd use!

The one thing I dont really keep at Davids are lipsticks, because I just carry whichever I fancy usng with me in my handbag at the time, rather than leaving some there then going looking for them at home and not having them there.

So maybe this was a slightly pointless post, Im not sure. But thanks for reading anyway!


  1. this is a really helpful post for remembering what the essentials are when it comes to makeup - as i usually take a massive bag with me whenever i go away..! xxx

  2. Great post, I need to do this with my BF I think!

    Sarah xx

  3. Aww I need to do this with my boyfriend too but there's absolutely no space in his room -_-