Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Losing Direction

After a great deal of procrastinating, reading some of my old blog posts from about a year ago, I realised something. My blog as it is now really isnt the same blog that I started out a year and a half ago. I used to write about the silly little things in my day to day life, share my worries and good times with you, and sometimes literally pour my little heart out and post it out for the big wide world on the internet to see (cringe?). I realised that I havent really posted anything about my real life for a while now. I dont know whether that is because I feel there is nothing to talk about, when really there wasnt last yar but I managed to then. I remember quite enjoying sharing the little moments with you guys, or even sometmes using blog posts as a form of therapy, a way to release my thoughts. I dont do that anymore, and just tend to stick to writing about makeup, and even then I dont do that properly anymore! Weekly Summaries used to be my thing, and they wold often make me realise, my life isnt so bad after all!

I miss my blog, how it once was. I dont know if any of you would be interested in my rambling on my day to day life, or wouldnt mind putting up with my long rant nd slightly over-emotional blog posts now and again. I want to start doing real reviews more, proper posts, how it should be around here. So what do you think, personal posts or stick to just doing more makeup reviews?



  1. Hey hun, I know how you feel! Personally, I always thought my boring little life would do just that - bore my readers! But I've been proven wrong because my month in pictures posts are among the most popular on my blog! I also realized that I like catching little glimpse of other bloggers' personal life - it's a nice change from just beauty related content! I also think that sharing a little of your life helps you connect a bit more with your readers.

    Bottom line: it's YOUE blog hun, you do what YOU want! x

    1. I thought people may be bored reading about my life, but Im still gunna go ahead and do it anyway see how it goes! Thanks for the lovely omment hun :) xxx