Sunday, 12 February 2012


I havent actually done a lustlist post since JULY. So thought it was high time I did a new one as theres a lot of things Ive got my eye on but cant get yet because of my spending ban. Ive only put a few of my very favourites here, the list is extensive of all the stuff I want but dont really need. If anyone fancies buying me any of these the feel free (hint hint David, Valentines Day is in a few days!)

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The only maxi dress I own is cream with a massive floral print, really only holiday appropriate. I think this black one is stunning and its really affordable too which suprised me.

These would be perfect for Ibiza, Im thinking ahead to summer already, cannot wait! I never wear high waisted anything but I could make an exception for these.

Im just continuing my obsession with glitter nail polish. This one looks quite unique as it has smaller and bigger glitter bits. Oh, and its pink and very, very pretty!

I think this is a very classic, timeless dress. Me and David are having our Valentines in a few weeks insted of Tuesday when were going to Manchester for a few days, this would be perfect to wear for a lovely meal out. I love red dresses but only have one and think this would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

I want to add more blouses to my wardorbe as I only have two and really think theyre flattering and would like more. The colour of this one is gorgeous, I need it!

I think this set is fantastic value for money and Id love to recieve it as a gift but doubt Ill buy it myself as I need to keep to my non make-up buying ban. It contains an eyeshadow in Fathom, a blush/bronzer duo in Orgasm/Laguna, an eyeshadow primer and a lipgloss in Spring Break. The more I write about it te more I want it!

Im a massive Disney freak and love printed t-shirts for summer and feel this is a cool, liadbck way of incorporating my Disney obsession into my clothes without looking to childish.


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  1. I think I'd also agree I'm lusting after everything on that list! xxx