Thursday, 23 February 2012

My February Glossybox

This month's Glossybox was always going to seem like a let down to a lot of people afte rth epast two being special edition ones for Christmas and Valentines, so this one was more back to usual with the pale pink and black packaging and products that didnt xctly scream luxury of the Christmas one such as the Deborah Lippman polish of Decembers box. However I really like what I got in mine, what Ive tried so far which consists of these products:

The Coco Shambhala Invigorating Shower Gel is really nice. I was never much of a fan of shower gels in beauty boxes but since the Rituls one Ive been converted. I chucked this one straight in my travel bag for coming to Manchester for me and David t use whilst were here. Its really fresh scented and leaves you feeling squeaky clean the way a soap does, so its a big thumbs up from both me and David as hes usually a soap man so really liked how this had a similar effect.

The Paul Mitchell Express Style Quick Slip is kind of like a stying gel type product, which Im not ure Ill get much use ut of saying as my hair is long and thin and I never really do much with it. I think Ill be donating this to my brother who has Harry Styles-esque hair and he may get better use out of it. It does smell lovely though.

The BM Beauty Eyeshadow Pigment in Wolf Howl is gorgeous and probably, suprisingly, my favourite from the box this month. Im never normally a fan of pigments due to the mess factor bt this is so pretty I can put up with it.

The picture doesnt do it justice and swatch photos werent either, but it work best wet like most pgiments and gives a gorgeous sheen of purple pearlescentness and its very multitonal wwith hints of blue and green coming through, like petrol. Amazing and something I would never have bought myself but Glossybox has broguht me to a product I love, which is kind of the whole point of the service isnt it?

The DuWop Lip Venom lipgloss of Buttescotch is another lovely product. It has just enough of the "li vemon" tingle to notice it but not as overpowering as Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker. Its a nice sensation, and the formulaton isnt too sticky, even though I dont really mind a bit of stickyness as I find it makes the lipgloss stay on longer. The colour is really nice but isnt to opaque ont he lips, more of a sheer sheen with just a hint of the colour so can be worn with mst lipstic but I would choose to wear it with a nude lip. Ill definately get use out of this.

Lastly the imPress press on manicure. Im really happy to get this in my box as I find the concept interesting and Im excited to try it out and see how good it is, particualy how long they stay on for! I probably wouldnt go for zebra print by choice, a bit Kat Slater I feel, but it could look quite fun I guess! Ive never seen these anywhere before so Im very intrigued!

What did you get in your box?
Any recommendations on how I could use the Paul Mitchell styling product would be greatly appreciated!

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