Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I was naughty...and my punishment to myself!

As you may know Ive put myself on a huuuge spending ban type of thing so that I can saveup holiay spending money whilst getting more use out of the product I already own, as well as clearing some space! Last week I placed a £20 Avon order, oops! There was an amazing deal where I culd get my favourite ever mascara and eyeliner togeter for just £5 instead of what would usually cost nearer £15, and as I was running out I jumped at the chance. I then went on to flick through the book and stick another £15 worth of products to my list, most of which I cant even remember nw so I mustnt need them!

So Im adding a shed load of more products to my spending ban, to punish myself in a way haha. Also because I found loads more tings since last time that I want to use more. It may seem crazy and hard to keep up with but Im keeping tem all in a box and reaching for it everyday, and updating my post as I go along to keep track of where Im up to. So heres a quick peak at whats in it....You can go to my main post here to see in much more detail!



  1. haha everyone's allowed to be a bit naughty and splurge on makeup every now and then! :P will we see a haul?! xxx

  2. I'm with you hun, good luck! x