Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Life Since The "Weekly Summary"

If you read my last blog post you may know that Ive missed bringing my everyday life into my blog. It was never all just about the makeup but about me too, kind of like my version of a diary. Im going to start doing weekly summary posts again and see how it goes. So whats been happening with me since the last one (June of last year!)?

- I had a lovely summer, just a chilled one with friends, picnic blankets in the park, and those nice nights out where people have been sunbathing all day and its lovely and warm outside even at 2AM.

- I celebrated my 20th birthday in September, felt rather old at the time but now Im creeping scarily close to 21!

- I started uni at Northumbria University, studying Business with Marketing. I could do a whole other post on that alone. I just cant stand it. The uni is fine, its a nice uni. Just I hate studying, its not that Im lazy Im just ready to nt be in education anymore but dont see what ee I could do right now. Also there are a lot fo people I know there but nne Im really properly friends with, and really Im not bothered about them, theyre not the kid of people I want to be close with, so its hard being in uni without all the fun aspect of going out every night with your friends. Also, my best friend (blue shirt above) moved to London for uni and I miss her SO much, I cant afford to go there ad she cant come home as she has a job too. Sucks.

- On a more positive note I had a lovely time in Lanzarote with my family. Amazing place with amazing people, we all had the best time and Ill treasure it forever.

- I had the best Christmas Ive had in years, not all down to presents (although they were lovely), but had a really lovely day with the family, people I dont see enough and really enjoyed the day more than ever.

- I had a nice time at New Year (from what I can remember) *see champagne below*

- Last week me and David had a few days away in Manchester and absolutely loved it, my favourite city!

- So far 2012 has been pretty average, its had its up and downs already, but right now other than the stress of uni, everythings pretty good!

Weekly posts with my ramblings on little things that have happened in my week to come as of now! :)


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