Thursday, 1 March 2012

February In Pictures

February was a funny old month, and one where I spent a LOT of money, hello a very skint March! I paid off my holiday to Ibiza and spent lots on nice food on a lovely break to Manchester with David, along with a number of nights out....

 Hermione Granger and Batgirl, on a fancy dress themed birthday night out. Just wish I had time to curl my hair!

 I did his make-up better than my own, and spent longer doing it! Strangers kept asking for photos with him, actually looked really creepy in real life.

Strangest angle of a photo ever, this is what to many trebles does to you. Also, someone told me the other day that they only do treble measures in the North East? Please tell me this isnt true and were not the only ridiculous binge drinkers in the country? 

Do not understand whats going on here, my face haha, and Natalies blurry head. Go check out her blog shes just started it and its fab! 

 Pouty posey shot, ergh, but I like my blush and cant rmember what it was!

In All Bar One in Manchester for breakfast, I was overjoyed to get complimentary Smarties with my pot of tea...Im easy pleased.

Trafford Centre food hall is SO pretty, I want a ceiling like that! 

Krispy Kreme addiction. Probably for the best there isnt one near where I live or I'd be a whale.

The lovely beach where I live on a gorgeous day, felt like at least April!

David at the beach, loves him.


  1. loving these blog posts!

    i dont want to say what beach/name of the place i'm talking about is in case any nutters are reading and try to hunt you down haha.... but i went to the pub on this beach you've took a photo on the other day and had a hot choc with marshmallows, it's really good you should check it out if you haven't had it from there xx

    1. Haha yeh beware of the nutters! Funny I was just saying when we were there that we need to go in sometime because I never have! x