Tuesday, 27 March 2012

NOTD...Coral Sands

I havent done a NOTD post in ages so when I loved how my polish loked this morning I quickly took a few photos. Its so hard to get my camera to make the colours look like they do in real life but this phto got it just right.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous in the UK over the past few days, Ive even been starting off my tan! So I found myself reaching for more spring time peachy colours than I have been in the colder months. Todays polish of choice is a bottle Ive had for literally about 4 years, and its only just turning to the gloopy side. Its Coral Sands from Avon and I absolutely love it. Its hard to tell in photos but its got a lovely goldy shimmer to it thats really pretty in the sun and is why I choose this polish over the typical flat creamy peach shades. This is how it looks after two coats.

 I used Sally Hansens Intra-Dri topcoat over the top which I love so much, couldnt be without it.

Sorry this is a quick little post, Im snowed under with uni work at the minute but as soon as it over Im all yours! ;) Haha. Whats your favourite spring nail polish?


  1. Thank you for reminding me that I have this nail varnish, its such a lovely colour!x

    1. Oh good! I didnt think anyone would have this as Ive had mine so long, it is very pretty isnt it :) x

  2. I bought that nail polish last year and LOVED wearing it during the summer.. must paint my nails with it tomorrow! X