Monday, 5 March 2012

MAC Haul and Nicki Minaj Lipstick!

I recently purchased some new MAC products, which I know is all going against my ban but hey ho! I got my hands on a few little gems and have really bene loving them, and also managed to get the new Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipstick which anyone could get if you put yourself on the mailing list, they sent out a code to my email address and I got straight on it and ordered it, so heres everything!

 Sorry about the awful lighting in these photos, but I didnt want to use flash and the sun was going down.

First up is the Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom. I saw this in a collection ages ago and really wanted it but didnt purchase it until last week as its currently on limited edition sale again. I wasnt really sure how it would look in the skin and bought it because of how pretty it is in the pan, which I realise is ridiculous. However this is absolutely gorgeous on, and Ive worn it ever since I got it.  I jsut swirl my brush around all of it and it makes a lovely pinky colour. Its just so pretty and a lovely natural shade. Love it!

Next up, Mystery eyeshadow. I went in search of a good dark brown MAC eyeshadow to put in my palette, as I bought Swiss Chocolate thinking it would the job but its far too warm toned for me at the minute. So I searched "Top MAC Eyeshadows" on Youtube and "MakeUpByTiffanyD" said this one was good, and I trust her opinion. This is just perfect for day to day through the crease. Like the blush, Ive used it every day since I got it paired with All That Glitters. Lovely pigmentation and on of those great basics that everyone should have.

I love that its slightly cooler toned so its great on paler skin as warme rowns can often make me lok slightly dead!

Another product I got and have fallen in love with is the Dazzleglass in BabySparks. I always eye these up at the counter because of how pretty they look in the tube but always thought they were a little pricey for a gloss. But I eventually bit the bullet and purchased this one, and now I need more! Its a little sticky, but I really dont mind that as it makes it stay on longer, and its a beautiful colour. It can be worn with anything, nudes, bright pinky lips and it will still look great. The sparkle in it look slovely on the lips, not scary at all and catches the light beautifully making your lips look fuller and very glossy!

I tried to get the sparkle t show up on camera but it just wont, but this is a clear indication of the lovely colour, a light pink but not too light.

You can kind of see the sparkle on the lips here, this is a good representation of how it looks on without anything underneath, seriously cant recommend it enough.

And now for the one everyones been talking about...(Que lots of unnecessary photos of a lipstick)

Im a big fan of Nicki Minaj, and a big fan of the Viva Glam programme, so buying this came naturally to me, I didnt hesitate for a second. MAC;s Viva Glam scheme donates ALL of the proceeds from their Viva Glam lipsticks to an Aids charity which I find to be amazing. Even if I dont care much for the lipstick I dont feel bad pruchasing it as all the money has gone to a worthy cause.

Firstly I love the packaging of the Viva Glam lipsticks, the red is beautiful and I love that they put her signature on it, nice touch.
The lipstick has a nice formula, its my first Satin lipstick and Im impressed by the quality of it, amazing pigmentation and doesnt dry out the lips. I like that its still got a nice sheen. For some reason I expected a satin to be more drying and dull looking, but it isnt at all.

At first I wasnt sure if the colour suited me, I thought it was a bit bold, and not in a good way. However Ive found by weaing it a little less heavy, and blotting it out a little with my finger so it isnt so opaque, I get the result below, which I think is pretty. Sorry about the dodgy lips, one side is scarred from when I was younger so theyre not perfectly symetrical. But that aside, Im loving this lipstick, it may not be one Ill reach fr everyday but its a welcome addition to my collection

Thankyou if you got this far, its been a mammoth post to write so it must be long to read too! If you have any MAC recommendations for my eyeshadow palette let me know, I still have four spaces left to fill and my little OCD side wants it full up haha.



  1. BabySparks looks very gorgeous, I'd be afraid of the lipstick on my pale skintone though!

    1. Baysparks is amazing! The listick is a little scary and Im usually fine with bright lips, its better when its toned down x

  2. I ordered Viva Glam Nicki a few days ago, cant wait to get ma hands on it.

    1. Ah exciting! Hope you like it! xx

  3. Love the lipstick, wish i was able to pull it off i think im a bit pale! x

    1. Im ghostly pale and it still looks lovely if I apply it sparingly :) x