Tuesday, 13 March 2012

March Glossybox The Harrods Edition

The world and his wife, and her cat, post about the contents of their Glossybox every single month, which is why I rarely do as I feel everyone else has got it covered. Especially those who recieve it early, the ones who lead me to peak at whats inside and ruin my own suprise! But after looking at quite a feew other bloggers posts on it I feel I got quite a few different products to most people, so felt I could happily blog about it for you now. I got a little photo happy...Sorry its a mammoth post!

I absolutely love Harrods, despite feeling like the poorest girl in the world whilst in there, its a gorgeous place, so I was excited to hear about this collaboration with Glossybox.

Loving the little Harrods ribbon, I get easily excited by this kind of thing. 

Personally I resist the urge to read the card before I open it up as I dont want to ruin my suprise, but it really handy to have to read over afterwards.

So this is what I saw when I unpeeled the tissue paper, very pleased to say the least. I will admit I was searching fo a mini Burberry lipstick, but Im fine with it as the colours the chose for them werent ones I would wear anyway. Now on to the individual products...

Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter
This is the first product Ive tried from  Bliss, a brand Ive heard quite a bit about. Its for reasons like that I love Glossybox (or whatever service you choose). The product itself is nice. Its not revolutionary,, but its a body butter and thats all I was expecting, and it does as a body butter should. Its thick but easily spreadable, Im making it sound like a tub of Philadelphia. It sinks in nicely and quicly, and doesnt leave a greasy sheen. The name "blood orange" wasnt the most attractive thing to me, but it actually smells quite nice, nothing amazing, just kind of orangey and also what I assume is white pepper as I havent a clue what that smells like. Also the samle size is huge at 50ml so very impressed! Nice product that Ill use up, but still not a patch on my Soap and Glory Righteous Butter! This retails at around £20-£25 in deartment stores and online for 200ml, which I find slightly too much for what it is, but never the less a nice product.

Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream
I havent had a chance to test this out on the firming side of things as Ive only tried it ot s far on my hands as Id just covered myself in the Bliss one. Some may complain about getting 2 body creams in one box but it really doesnt bother me. I cant wait to try this properly, especially on my thighs to really put the firming to the test. If it wrks it could be my little miracle product to beat the wobbly legs for on holiday! It sinks in really quickly and has a kind of fresh and expensive scent to it, nothing overpowering or crazy, just nice. I really like Clarins so Im always happy to try more of their products. I think its great how Glossybox have followed up the firming face creams with the matching body cream, clever. The sample size is 30ml which I think is a good amount. This retails around £40 for 200ml at all the usual department stores, which is really out of my price range, but for that amount I would like to hope the firming stuff really works, which may just be worth it!

Lancome Juicy Tube in Toffee RnB 93
Ive heard about these before but never realy been attracted to purchasing one, Im glad to have it to try out though. I havent put this on yet so I cant comment much on it, apart from the fact it smels amazing, like fudge or toffee. I dont know whether the names corrospond with the scent/flavour or if they all smell this way, either way I want to eat it! The colour isnt usually one I would go for, but th little gold reflects will look very pretty with a tan on a summers day. Im not usually a big fan of squeezy tube glosses, I find ones with wands much easir to apply but Ill certainly give this a go. It retails for around £14 for a 15ml tube and comes in loads of different colours. Considering the tube I gt was 7ml I think this is a very generous sample!

Revive Intensite Creme Lustre SPF 30
Wow thats certainly a mouthful! I havent used this yet but Im going to try it out tomorrow and if I like it Im going to save it to take to Ibiza with me as its a great travel size saying as its only a teeny pot of 7ml. I know I wont be repurchasing it though as the 60ml pot is alone £260! Literally crazy. I wouldnt spend tha amount on a face cream if I won the lottery, unless it turned me into Rachel McAdams or something, which this wont.

Versace Vantas Versace Eau De Parfum
Im usually someone that hates perfume samples in these boxes. Ive yet to find one I like and I often just throw them away, such a waste! However this one caught my attention, its in a glass bottle, not a little vial stuck to carboard. It is also Versace, score! The bottle is gorgeous, I like teeny things, and this is certainly that, and its so pretty. I love the detail on the lid in the picture below. You get 4,5 ml which I think is very generous ccnsidering the perfume is around £55 for a 50ml bottle. The scent itself when I first smelt it immediately reminded me of my grandma, as if it is something she would wear. In a way I kind of liked that, not to wear myself but the smell reminded me of her in a nice way. I put it on anyways and I actually liked it quite a lot the longer I had it on. Im no good at describing scents but the card says it smells of tiare flower, lime and freesia. Its not the most unusl or suprising scent, but its quite nice so Im happy with it.

If you got to the end thankyou very much for reading!
Whats your favourite product this month?

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  1. nice post :) and nice to see a good quality perfume sample that won't go to waste! :P xx