Friday, 30 March 2012

March Empties

I havent done one of these posts for a while, I was getting through ssome products but either forgot to take a photo before throwing it away or it was just pretty boring. Luckily I remembered this month! So heres everything Ive finished up in March...

Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Moisturising Lotion
Basically a cherry scented foot cream. Its really reeeeally runny and becaus of that I felt it didnt really do a whole lot for my feet, but Ive used it up now so thats fine. I wouldnt really buy it again though.

Soap and Glory Girligo Moisturising Mist
I love this so much, I must have about three bottles of the stuff. Its a moisturising spray which smells amazing, the same scent of most of the Soap and Glory range. It a really good option if you want a bit of moisture but dont want to wait around for a body butter to soak in, this dries really qucik but leaves you feelin lovely and smooth and smelling great.

Tresemme Instant Fresh Dry Shampoo
Im actually not a huge fan of this. I didnt find it did very muc for my hair and I had to use a ot of product before it seemed to freshen my hair at all. After a few hours my hair looked just the same as it did before I applied it. I really dont understand why so many people love this, I think Ill be sticking to my trusty Batiste!

Kleenex Extra Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes
Definately one of the best face wipes Ive ever tried. It doesnt leave a sheeny film on your skin like most do, and the texture of the wipes is really soft and lovely on the skin, it didnt irriate mine at all even my eyes. I'll be buying more of these and highly recommend them.

Rituals Fujiama Foaming Shower Gel
One of the best products Ive ever had from a Glossybox. I was gutted to run out of this, but the bottle did last me absolutely ages. A really luxurious yet fresh way of getting clean. Ive since bought a number of other foaming washes and theyre all pretty similar but much cheaper, I just really like the concept of them.

John Frieder Go Blonder Lightening Spray
You know you love a product when you buy a backup before you even finish the last one, and thats what I done with this. It has worked wonders for my hair and has really imprved the colour of it without the need for an expensive visit to the hairdressers for highlights. Ive raved on about it loads over the past few months so Ill spare you it now, but its just really nice.

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter
This is one of my favourite scents of these body butters, it mells like the Munch Bunch yoghurts I used to eat when I was little. Everyone knows how good these are, and Ill definately be buying more, so yummy.

I also finished the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, but forgot to take a photo oops! Everyone knows its blummin amazing anyway



  1. That's a lot of empties, yey! Love those posts, motivates me to keep using things up. I have mixed feelings toward that TRESemmé dry shampoo. Sometimes it works, sometimes it won't, strange!

    1. Yes Im the same, sometimes its worked for me to but mostly its a bit rubbish =/ wierd x

  2. I'm exactly the same with the Go Blonder spray.. I always have a back up just incase I run out as I love it so much aha! You're so good at using up products! X

    1. Its so good! Saved me from getting my hair dyed :) xx