Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nars Wicked Attraction

First things first, yeh I broke my spending ban, and as youll see Ive broke it a whole lot more in Manchester! But once I get home its full steam ahead to sticking to it.

The Nars Wicked Attraction set is £35, and I got mine from
 I used the Saver Devliery option with is free and it still arrived in 3 days which I thought was fantastic.

The set came with a duo of Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blusher, Fathom eyeshadow, eyeshadow primer and a Larger Than Life lipgloss in Spring Break. I bought this as it looked like such a good deal as Ive been wanting to try Orgasm and Laguna for a long time now. However when it came the products were mch smaller than I exected, teeny tiny actually, but after the inital suprise I was fine with it.

Spring Break lipgloss is very pigmented, way more so than I expected. Its actually really wierd on me, way too nude. But Im trying t find a better way to wear it. Other than that its really pretty and I think in a brighter colour this would be a lovely formulation of gloss. 

I havent used the eye primer yet as Im trying to use up the Urban Decay one I already have, but Im going to give this one a go and if its nice Im going to keep it for when I go on hliday as it absolutely tiny so great for travel! Every little helps where saving space in the make-up bag is concerned!

Photos of this duo are quite deceiving I find, its actually really small, but just enogh space to squeeze my blush brush in. Im really pleasantly suprised with these, thinking there were both over-hyped and that I would be disappointed, but Im not at all I love them and neeeeeed them in full size at some point. The Laguna bronzer is my favourite, its way more wearable for me than any other bronzer Ive tried, not orange in the slightest and really good for light skin like mine. Amazing! Orgasm is also a very pretty blush, very unique...but I have way too much blush fr now so Ill keep this little one for a while before purchasing the full size. This little duo will laso be great for taking on holiday as it fits two products in one little compact.

I'd never thought to try an eyeshadow from Nars, always focusing more on the cheek products, however as soon as I sw this I was very excited. 

I took a million photos to try and get one to show how pretty this is in the pan, and this still doesnt even get close. Fathom is a very pale pink wit lots of gorgeous fine glitter. However, this doesnt transfer too amazingly onto the lid. Its still a nice all over lid colour, but not very pigmented and doesnt transfer much of the shimmer well either. Definately one thats better in the pan than on the lid, but Ill still use it as it is still nice, just not as pretty as in the pan.

What other Nars products do you love that I need to try? I think Im starting a bit of a fling with Nars!

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  1. I love nars products! the illuminator is great and anything in the shade orgasm! I want to try more products soon including their new glosses! I was tempted to get this set too and now im even more tempted eek! x