Monday, 15 October 2012

4 Years...

to the day since two little 17 year olds agreed to be in a relationship with one another when they barely even knew each other. By some miracle were still here today. Keeping mushy sicklyness to a minimum, I couldnt be happier! Cue cringey photos...

 Underage, bad eyebrows and no makeup on my behalf, and drunk off about 3 WKDS.

4 years later, still the same but this time way more lipstick and sambuca, blergh!



  1. Best couple ever :) Congratulations my lovely! xxx

  2. aww thats so sweet! lol your caption for the first photo pretty much sums up my entire teenage years.. exept I would put bronzing pearls all over my face. Literally ALL OVER! haha x