Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Ive Finished Project 10 Pan...Twice!

I realise that title sounds like Im boasting, but Im actually proud to have finished what is really a Project 20 Pan. I realise Ive barely been posting at all recently, but I put a lot of it down to P10P doing my head in haha. But I actually finished this a few weeks ago so I have a few haul posts to show you too!

 I have to be honest, its been completely crap trying not to buy things until I finished 20 products and I know itll be a loooong time before I do it again! Heres the last 4 products it took to finish it once and for all...

The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Lotion

I looooooove this stuff! It smells like a baby product if you know what I mean, and it soaks in beautifully. I find that a lot of body lotions or butters take ages to sink in or leave an annoying sheen on my skin. This sinks in really quickly and leaves me feeling moisturised and soft rather than sticky. Ill definately buy this again.


Lacoste Touch of Pink Pefume

This has been my favourite summer daytime frangrance for YEARS. Ive constantly had a bottle of this going for at least 5 years now. So I feel kind of sad that this one has ran out and I dont have any more. Its so light and fresh and will just always smell great, I miss it already.

Soap and Glory Flake Away

This is one of my favourite body scrubs, it does such a good job at getting rid of dead skin and leaves a kind of oily sheen. Which i guess coudl be moisturising, but the thought of getting out of the shower feeling greasy is gross, so I always use a shower gel after this. I dont mind at all because it gives a really nice feel to the skin and I love it!

Soap and Glory Hand Food

I use hand cream A LOT. Im kind of addicted to it. Its taken me month and months to finish this tube so a little really goes a long way. It smells very soap-and-glory-ish, and is really the best hand cream Ive ever used. Since I finished P10P Ive had to buy myself a new tube of this, and I need to find the mini version to stick in my handbag as this takes up loads of space!

Yey for being able to buy new stuff!!



  1. I really want to try Hand Food and I loveeeee Flake Away, the smell is delish! xx

  2. Well done on finishing so many products!! I have just started something similar over on my blog so hopefully I will do as well as you :) xx