Thursday, 11 August 2011

Project 10 Pan Progress...#4

First things first, I owe you all an explanation. Once upon a time I used to blog almost everyday, sometimes twice a day, now Im lucky if I post twice a week! Ive been rather busy as Im decorating/moving house at the minute, and quite frankly its left me tired and worn out so I cant be bothered to write. Also with the P10P Ive not been trying new things so Ive been rather uninspired, but Ive missed it so here I am!

If youve been reading my P10P posts you will know that I extended it to 20 products, and I have to say Ive been getting through things quite quickly, Im actually running low on a lot of things now, so Ill have to do a lot of stocking up when its over. So before this post I had used up 12 products, heres what Ive used up in the past few weeks.

I dont know why, but I love seeing a load of used up products, means I got my moneys worth I guess!

The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion
This basically does exactly what it says, it smells really fresh and is extremely cooling so I guess this would be good if you had an issue with hot and sweaty feet (yes, lovely topic of conversation). I used to slather this on thick and put socks on and leave it on overnight. I know socks in bed is bloody horrible, but because this is so cooling your feet dont get hot with them on. Ive had this bottle for literally years so I dont know if they even make it anymore!

Soap and Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths
These are by a mile the best face wipes Ive ever used, and also the most expensive (I think one packet like this is usually around £5). I got this packet in a set at Christmas so I thought it was high time I used them up. They actually feel quite luxurious for a face wipe, the wipe itself has a nice texture to it, kind of bumpy, and some ingrdient in it means that if you scrub well enough it exfoliates as well as removing make-up. It also does a fantastic job of getting rid of waterproof mascara, which I dont find many wipes can get through painlessly. If I had plenty of spare cash I would buy these, but until then theyll have to stay as a treat for me!

Inecto Pure Coconut Hand and Nail Cream

I bought this on a whim for £1 in SemiChem thinking it would probably be rubbish. I had never heard of the brand, but as it happens Ive recently seen some hair treatments and masks from them in Superdrug now so maybe theyre becoming a more recognised brand? Anyway, coconut is my favourite smell so this instantly was a winner for me. I would switch this up with my S&G Hand Food and get similar results from it so that says how nice it is. Ill definately buy this again.

Anne Semonin Shower Gel
This was a random hotel shower gel from the Raddison in Edinburgh, but I thought I would start using up the millions of little bottles I have. This was pretty average as you would expect, nothing special and I dont even think you oculd buy it anywhere anyway.

So now Ive used up16/20 products...Cant wait for this to be done with now!



  1. Well done! You are doing great!! xx

  2. love the new header! and everyone's allowed to have a break from blogging. will we see pictures of your decorating skills? i might have to try that handcream, £1?! xx

  3. I love the soap and glory wopes but I can't seem to find them anywhere at the moment! I like the fact you can close the packet up properly because it stops the wipes drying out and going all nasty :( xxx