Monday, 1 August 2011

July Favourites

So its already August...were closer to Christmas 2011 than Christmas 2010, WIERD. As usual heres my favourite products for the month....

St Moriz Dark
The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream
Mac Springsheen Blush
Barry M Bronze Dazzle Dust
 Barry M Pink Flamingo Nail Polish
Avon Pink Watermelon Glazewear Shine Lipgloss

Barry M Dazzle Dust in Bronze(swatch at end of post)Ive been forcing myself to get more use out of my dazzle dusts as Ive always been lazy and put off using them because they can get a bit messy. However I think if youre careful and take your time they dont get everywhere as much as you would think, and the look it gives can really be worth it. Im not really into the crazy bright colours but this bronze colour gives a lovely extra something to my eye make-up and Ive been using it for nights out. Ive just been using my regular neutrals and browns and then putting this lightly over my whole eye look and it really gives it dimension and brightens it up. Im such a magpie for sparkle so Ive really been loving this recently.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Night CreamIve only had this for a few weeks but tis quickly became a favourite for me. Night creams Ive had in the pasthave felt thick and heavy and havent sunk in nicely. This is the opposite. It sinks in lovely but is still packed with moisture and I wake up in the morning with really soft skin. It smells realyl clean and fresh too, a must have for me now!

Barry M Nail Paint in Pink FlamingoEveryone knows by now how good Barry M nail polishes are so I neednt bang on about that, but Ive been wearing this colour literally all month on my fingers. I just love it. Sorry for how chipped my nails are in the photo!

ST Moriz Tanning Mousse in DarkFirstly, I dont get whats going on with the picture, because it came out fine until I put it on here? =/
This has now replaced my love of the original St Moriz. At first I was nervous to use it but I just went for it and loved it. I only have to do one coat of this rather than the 3 of the original to get my desired colour, which means it dries more evenly and quickly, looks way more natural with less chance of streaking and smudging, doesnt smell as strong and fades more evenly as it isnt such a thick coating. Over all a complete winner for me, Ill never go back to the original after using this

Avon Glazewear Shine lipgloss in Pink Watermelon(swatch at end of post)
These lipglosses are one of my favourites ever, they smell and taste lovely, last a while and arent gloopy. This colour in particular has bene one of my favourites over the summer, lovely an fresh and bright, gorgeous!

Mac Springsheen Blush(swatch at end of post)
This was possibly feautred in last months favourites post but it deserves its place this month too! Its a perfect peachy coral for summer, has a sheen to it similar to an MSF but not too glittery and Ive used it probably about 5 days of the week for the last month. I dont think this will change through August either, its just beautiful. I think blush may be one of my biggest weaknesses!

Top to Bottom:
Barry M Dazzle Dust in Bronze
Avon Glazewear Shine in Pink Watermelon
Mac Blush in Springsheen (heavier than I would normaly wear it)



  1. I put my dazzle dusts in a palette, if you mix them with alcohol and a little serum (probs look it up lol) they are soooo much easier to work with, and i find that they are a million times more pigmented than any eyeshadow! :) :)

  2. dying to get my hands on the dark st mortiz! then can do a comparison review with my xen tan. How do you find the wear on it -does it come off streaky? xxx

  3. haha i'm glad to see i'm not the only person whose started thinking about christmas already lol love st moriz, it's such a bargain! i've heard that they're going to start selling it in tesco soon, which is even better :) x

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