Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Lush Haul

Its been ages since I treated myself to some Lush goodies....Christmas was the last time I got anything from there! So once I finished project 20 pan I popped in and picked up a few of my all time favourites along with some products Ive been dying to try for ages....

Dorothy Bubble bar was the first thing I ever ever bought from Lush, and it was love. This is my all time favourite bubble bar and even featured in my first ever blog post, which explains all the scents and everything I like about it (link!).  I love that it turns the bath turquoise blue!

Pop in the Bath is another oldie but goodie for me. I cant help but pick on of these up everytime Im in there. Ive also feautred this one in the post I linked earlier. It smells so fresh and floral but not in an overpowering or old-lady-ish way. Its so cute too, I prefer the pink or blue ones but I got green for a change.

 Rockstar soap is a new discovery for me. Id been hearing loads of good things about it, and I know itsone of their more popular products. Ive never had one of their soaps before so I hope I like it. This smells amazing, kind of like Snow Fairy, so its already off to a good start.

Happy Blooming bath melt is something Ive always picked up and smelt and loved but never bought, until now. I love that it is split into three for three baths. It smells like a mix between cherries and playdoh, strange but quite nostalgic I think. I dont even know what to expect when I put this in the bath so it could be interesting :)



  1. I can't wait to try Dorothy Bubblebar, it sounds fab! I loveeee the smell of Rockstar too xx