Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My Top 3 Lush Bubble Bars

Like many people I absolutely adore Lush bath and beauty products, my real favourites are their bubble bars. They are so effective at producing loads and loads of bubbles and the scents fill your entire bathroom beautifully without being overwhelming and sickly. Obviously I favour some more than others, Id say my top 3 are:

1. Dorothy - This is a cute tribute to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and the song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" its such a cute design with the rainbow and you only need half to fill your bath. It gives off a beautiful exotic fragrance and turns your bathwater bright blue. I once used a whole bar in one bath nd the water was bright turquoise!
You can find Dorothy on the Lush website by clicking here!


2. Sunny Side - This is a purely golden glittery bubble bar. It makes your bathroom smell heavenly and very citrusy. I love how it turns your bathwater into a glittery golden swirly pool. It may sound a bit disgusting with the glitter but trust me you cant feel it at all and it doesnt cling to your skin in an overpowering, childish way at all during or after your bath. I have often found myself hours after my bath catching a sniff of the beautiful scent still lingering on my skin. It's just lovely, a real pick-me-up.
You can find Sunny Side on the Lush website by clicking here!
Sunny Side

3. Pop In The Bath- I love the cute design of this one as they come in a range of colours with a big flower shape stuck on the top. I particularly liked the blue based one with the pinky flower as this tured the bath water blue a bit like Dorothy. The fragrance it gives off is floral but in a very light way which is really lovely and relaxing.
You can find Pop In The Bath at Lush by clicking here!
Pop In The Bath!

I do like other bubble bars but these are the ones I tend to repurchase again and again as I prefer the lighter fragrances and these ones are just perfect for that :)  I have yet to test any of the Christmas Lush products but Ive heard fantastic reviews on them and can't wait to try them out! Which ones do you like? xxx

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