Sunday, 28 November 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 11

On to another day of the challenge..Day 11, my favourite film.

I have three films that are my favourites beyond any other, Sex and the City the first movie, Love Actually, and my all time favourite is...

Im sure everyone knows whos hiding behind those ridiculously massive knickers, the lovely Bridget Jones.

I think I love her so much as she represents a sadly average British female, well most I know anyway. I have practically the same pyjamas shes wearing above, and can relate to her in every single way. Shes hilarious and I love her and can recite her every word from both the films. Safe to say this is my favourite film of all time.



  1. They're some of my favourite films too (the first more than the second!), I love her!x

  2. Agreed! The first one is miles better xx