Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Five Good Things

1. The snow. Although I'm not its biggest fan, I do enjoy looking at it out the window when Im cosy inside. It has also meant that my college lecturers have been snowed in and cant get in to college, which for the lazy students like me means we get to go home and not do any work. Yey!

2. My UCAS form has been all checked and is fine and ready to be sent off. One less thing to think about.

3. Tomorrow is Decembeer 1st, which if Im a lucky girl means I'll be receving an advent calendar to open in the morning. I have to do it as soon as I get up before anything else at all every day in December, and perfectly as well. All the tinfoil has to be taken out properly and the door folded back neatly. This litle ritual is always what really gets me in the festive mood. However, I only seen one advent calendar in my mams weekly shop, which would mean one for my brother and not one for me.
   Also my Dad thinks he is Santa Claus. Every year we have a little advent calender with pockets in where youput your own stuff. He has always done little scavenger hunts for us, with a clue in the calendar leading to locations around the house and eventually, a little gift. Once we got older the tasks got more challenging he even created puzzles for us to work out , bless him! But these have faded out now Im older and we only get one on Christmas Eve now. Hmph the joys of growing up!

4. Online shopping, and free asos delivery. Basically Ive bought all of my presents (female at least) from asos last night. They will be arriving sometime next week without any physical effort from myself going out in the cold and the hustle and bustle. Fabulous! However I do enjoy a little dabble in real Christmas shopping, I love the atmosphere. So maybe I'll leave a few things to the real shops.

5. Its my brother Ben's 13th birthday. I feel so old! Happy Birthday! xxx


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