Wednesday, 24 November 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 6

My laptop just completely stopped working yesterday so thats the reason for the lack of challenge posts. For now Im having to use my really slow old computer so we'll see how this goes.

Day 6 asks for a photo that makes me laugh, Ive taken laods of pictures over the years that I can have a giggle at, but I'm finding it hard deciding on one to put here. Most of them are only funny to me because of some in joke with someone, or something really silly, I cant really find any that would make a complete stranger laugh... so Ive just picked one that I love.

A few winters ago me and a few friends went to the cinema and for some really random reason we tried to impersonate this from Friends...

Considering our location, the ladies toilets in the cinema, we didnt have much to work with apart from a full length mirror, and this was the result using an awful camera phone...

Thats me second from top... I didnt wanna be the one sat on the floor in the toilets! This picture just makes me smile, all of my best friends from school doing something silly like we always used to, and I barely see them anymore so its just good memories and it makes me laugh at how wierd we were.