Monday, 22 November 2010

Holidays are Coming....

Sorry for the cheesy Coca Cola advert inspired title but I got a little over excited by it today. I'm normally the type of perosn who can't get excited for the holiday season until around December time. Last year I didnt feel anything until around Christmas Eve *SCROOGE*. But this year the Christmas Television adverts are really heart warming and I think its down to them that I'm feeling all Christmassy already.

   Theres the obvious Coca Cola ad that is possibly the thing I look forward to the most all year. Once I first see that Big red lit up truck and hear the song, Im in complete Christmas mode from then on. Its been something ever since I was little, I'd see it on television for the first time every year and get SO excited, screaming to everyone in the house "ITS ON LOOK THE ADVERTS ON", and I'm still the same now.

   But more to the point I was thinknig about, theres the star studded M&S ad with Dannii Minogue, Twiggy, and my two loves Peter Kay and Jamie Redknapp, but even that wasnt getting to me. Along with the sweet DSebenhams advert with Coleen Rooney Iive seen a few times which is also quite nice.

   But Im really loving the John Lewis one which you can see here! Its something everyone can relate to, trying to sneak gifts past the children and wrapping them up when you think nobodys there to take a look. It really shows a British christmas and I jsut lvoe the cosy feel of it all, especially with Ellie Goulding's veriosn of "Your Song" on it. I adore Ellie Goulding, her music, her style and everything about her and Ive had this song on repeat for days.

Apologies for this rambly video about adverts of all things, nothing beauty related at all but hey ho. 


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