Friday, 26 November 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 9

Today asks for something Ive always wanted to do. For me, this is easy, my passion is New York City. It may sound silly to say Ive never been, but frankly I'm a little obsessed anyway. Anyone who tells me theyre off for a trip to NYC has me green with envy, which is probably not a very nice personality trait. Its hard to explain what attracts me to it, but its fairly obvious to say that it probably all stemmed from the day I became hooked on Sex and the City. Since then all I've ever really wanted is to live in a little New York apartment with a huge wardrobe, to be able to scream "TAXI" and have one stop right beside me, and meet friends for lunch in some nice restaurant to talk about men and go shopping for beautiful shoes. Very sad I know, but one day it'll happen.


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