Friday, 26 November 2010

Santa Baby...#1

Rather than doing a HUUUUUGE post of my christmas list I've sent to the North Pole this season, I think I'll just do a few individual posts of things I've been loving and hope to find under the tree this year. Maybe it'll give you a few gift ideas to buy someone you love or even to ask for yourself.

Top of my wish list this year is this beautiful speciman...

   I'm literally in love with this watch. I don't really wear a watch a the minute as Ive been waiting to find one which I really really love and know I'll wear often. This Michael Kors Horn Acrylic watch does the trick for me!  I love how its like a twist on the current styles that are everywere at the minute like brands such as the Toy Watches. But the pearly colour of it makes it so different which is just beautiful.

I've seen it in numerous department stores such as John Lewis, Fenwicks and Harrods, and I beleive have it in stock as well. Its a little pricey at around £160 in the places I've looked, but to me its an investment and its worth it. If I don't get it for Christmas I might just have to treat myself ;)



  1. Awesome choice! I have that watch its so lovely and I wear it everyday! Want to get a black one now too for winter! x

  2. Its gorgeous youre so lucky! I love black too but want this one first as its a little bit different from the normal black or white xx