Friday, 26 November 2010

Boots Bargain

This little steal was brought to my attention by my dearest mother while we were out Christmas Shopping yesterday. We were looking around Boots, and came across the Fearne Cotton make-up range. I haven't personally tried any of her make-up but it looks good enough to me. Most of the gift sets were quite small, 3 lipglosses for £10 and the like, but then there was this beautiful hat box filled with make-up goodies whic looks like this:

The box was a good size, and look how gorgeous it is with its bow and floral patterns. I would definately be using this to store something in my room. Along with that the cosmetics seemed lovely as well, the website description is as follows:

"A gorgeous hatbox of make-up for girls who rock an edgier look. It comes with a sweet heart-shaped make-up bag and mini marvels for creating dramatic eyes – 5 eyeshadow compact, 2 eye shimmers, 2 chunky eye pencils, a mini eye pencil with smudge and a mascara. Plus an animal print powder puff, 4 lip glosses and a lipstick to create lush, pouty lips."

Sixteen cosmetics, along with the powerpuff, make-up bag and the hatbox for £20! Its normally retailed at £40 but has been reduced for a short period of time, and I honestly dont know when this deal ends but I think its a bargain. On checking the website today the price has laready increased to £26.00, but to me this is still a complete steal. Needless to say we snapped some up as gifts, I even got a sneak peak that my ma got one for me for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to trying it out.



  1. Cute blog hun, I love blog hoping I always come across another fab blog!

    Come visit sometime K xx

  2. aw thankyou :) ive just reead a few of your posts, love it :) i subscribed x

  3. I think the offer ended today? I was going to pop into boots afterwork but totally forgot! :(

  4. ahh I wasnt quite sure when it ended =/ the website today still had 1/3 off the normal price so it was still £26 rather than £40 xx