Friday, 19 November 2010

Five Good Things

Im sure you've all seen this before and I thought Id give it a bash. Just a list of things Im really enjoying right now.

1. When my dog tilts her head to the side as if shes confused when you talk to her. Ive seen many dogs do this and its hilarious, but for some reason its always much cuter when its your own pet. I couldnt manage to get a picture of her doing this but heres a general photo of her looking adorable. Her names Molly and shes just turned one. Aww :)

2. Hats and scarves. I love it when winter rolls around and its time to drag out all your warm and cosy accessories. Yo9u can get such pretty ones and it's always hard for me to choose which ones I want to buy. For now Im just sticking to the thousands I already have and hoping Santa might treat me to a nice new snood for Christmas as I still havnt got one. I particularly like this beautiful floral one from Topshop for £16, I might even treat myself to it. 

3. Fish and Chips. Slightly random and rather unhealthy I know. But I bought some as a one off treat for our tea and they were delightful. I'm not too sure if anywhere outside of the UK has fish and chip shops, but if they dont you should try them if you ever come here. Why does everything tasty have to be so bad for you?

4. Angry Birds. Im seriously addicted, I will play this game at every spare minute I get. My boyfriend had it for ages, and as soon as I got my new phone I downloaded it immediately, and I've been hooked ever since. I wont go in to the ins and outs of the game, but its simple, and addictive, and I get so worked up at those little green pigs sniggering at me when I lose.

5. The Body Shop's Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. This toner is perfect for my skin. I have combination skin, with dry pathes but still the odd oily patches and breakouts. Ive been looking for a toner that doesnt completely tighten your skin as that only makes my dry patches worse, and I feel stripping all of the oil out of your skin only encourages it to produce more, thus creating breakouts.

    So in comes the Vitamin E toner to work its magic on my face. It says it is for all skin types which I quite believe as it has worked well with my spots and also my dryness. My dryness is greatly reduced, I dont find myself having to slather on as much moisturiser, and my face is noticably less oily and spotty. When applying it, it actually feels like its taking care of alll of my facial needs, and I enjoy the noticable make-up that it takes off even after Ive cleansed, which makes me feel extra clean.

   I realise this has turned into a really long product rave but I couldnt recommend this more. It retails at around £6 per 200ml bottle, but I found mine on ebay for £3 for two of these bottles. They are definately genuine as Ive bought the full price one before, bargain!

Thanks for reading xoxo


  1. I use the entire Vitamin E range from The Body shop for my skincare routine! I love it!

    Great Blog btw!


  2. dogs generally do it so that they can hear better, and some say it's like them showing that they want further instruction or whatever. but yeah, apparently most dogs do it, especially those with floppy ears, so that they can hear better, my labrador does it as well! it's so cuteeeee x

  3. ah really i didnt know that :) its so funny though xx

  4. Your dog is so cute! I love it when my dog tilts his head like that too, its the cutest =)

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