Wednesday, 24 November 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 7

Im having to play catch-up with this challenge since I had to do yesterdays today. So this is day 7, the one which I am meant to be doing today anyway, which requests a photo of someone who I love. I found myself torn chosing between my boyfriend, my parents and my brother, so theyve all made it here...

My boyfriend of 2 years, David, on our most recent holiday to Majorca in a restaurant which really was THAT close to the sea.

Me aged 11 with my brother (then 5, now 13, yikes!) and my dad catching my brothers first, and last, ever fish in Scotland. I cried and made them throw it back in the water after this picture was taken haha. Luckily it survived to tell the tale.

Me aged 4 (aww) with my mam on a holiday again in Majorca. I have this framed on my bedroom wall its my favourite picture of us.

p.s. I know my only posts recently have been for this challenge and not much beauty related, but I will get into it soon i promise! Lots of coursework deadlines and a faulty internet connection/rubbish camera arent helping the siuation


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