Monday, 30 July 2012

July in Photos

This months picture post consists of one night (Last Saturday), saying as I "lost" my camera charger for the majority of the month. It turned up under my bed, as usual. July was a quiet one anyway, spent mostly visiting my lovely Nana in hospital (get well soon Nana!), and losing many a pub quiz with my nearest and dearest with our appalling genera knowledge. However these photos are only from Saturday night, an impromptu girls night out with my favourites. 

 All but one of the infamous "fab gang" as we named ourselves at the tender age of 10 haha.

She always makes me feel extremely pale even though I was unusually orange compared to usual.

After years of whining I finally convinced her that bright pink lipstick would look fantastic on her. Also, I'm not a giant...shes actually somewhat taller than me!

Sorry its a short one this time guys!


  1. Love the pictures! You're so beautiful :) I hope your nana gets well soon!


  2. Lovely pics!! you look gorgeous! XO