Friday, 20 July 2012

Lustlist #20

My 21st birthday is currently 53 days away. Yes, Im one of those people that plans their birthday MONTHS in advance. Since my holidays have left me a little (a lot) skint, Im channelling any of the things I want ever so much onto a birthday wishlist... Im pretty sure this will grow and grow in the next 53 days, and none of my friends or family read this anyway, but a girl can dream!...

The Glamglow mask is something I've been wanting to try for ages now. A celebrity favourite that Ive pondered over for so long because of the price, but really want to give it a go!

The scalloped edge vest is very Topshop 2010/11, but its cheaper and would go with a million things. Its also rather pretty I think.

Im pretty intrigued by the new Bare Minerals Ready range, as I've never been into the brand before as loose powders are just too messy for me. I've heard good things about these eyeshadows so Id love to try them.

Im going to be needing some nice birthday outfits as so far I know of 4 separate birthday celebrations (the joys of having divorced parents and therefore separate celebrations)! This dress looks so pretty and perfect for a family party, but probably one Id have to try on as golden colours can often wash me out pretty badly.

These ballet flats are right up my street, I love anything two-toned and shiny like these, I'm like a magpie.

This city landscape dress looks pretty perfect for my birthday night out in Newcastle with the girls, something a little different but not too tarty with the higher neckline, love it!

This galaxy print sweater looks so cosy, and the perfect nod to the recent cosmic print trend. I love the current trend but don't want to spend a fortune on leggings and such that I wont wear much, where as I think this jumper could last a little longer and Id wear it much more.


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  1. love all your wishlist items! Everything looks fab, especially the cuty scene dress x