Tuesday, 3 July 2012

June in Pictures

June was my favouite month of the year. David's 21st, a trip to London and my girly holiday to Ibiza made it the best month in a long long time. Ive already posted a few pictures of London and wont bore you to death with many more so theres a post all about it a few posts ago!

Heres a rather over exposed shot of me outside Wicked. It was amazing, and I need to see it again!

Now on to Ibiza... I kept most of the horrendously drunk ones for my personal Facebook, theyre a little scary, but heres some of the nicer ones!

Me and the best mate, enjoying a nice meal on the sunset strip. 

Before one of my friends came down with awful sun stroke, oops. 

My pretties! 

He may be a tad on the oompa loompa side here, but I have to say Mar Wright is the most stunningly good looking an Ive ever laid eyes on. It took a lot of guts (and arguing drunkly with his bouncer) to get this photo haha. 

I love this playsuit! 

Those drinks were the first of many that night, funniest night of my entire life. 

 Boat party time!

How many girls can you fit in one inflatable boat? 4 was pushing it I think haha 

Will never understand why professional photographers overexpose their photos so much, but I do love this one. Awesome boat, and best partying/tanning combo ever haha!

Someone take me back to Ibiza please?


  1. looks like youve had a great month! so so so jealous of your trip to ibiza!
    nicola xxx

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