Monday, 10 October 2011

Ins and Outs

Its been forever since I did a post like this so I really feel like it. Im definately going to bring back my Five Good Things for Friday posts as Im really back into my blog right now (yey!) but Ill do one of these for now saying as it isnt Friday. 

 Autumn = Boots, tights, chunky knits, scarves, crumpets, the return of my electric blanket, slipper socks, hot chocolate, fresh days, dark lipstick and nail varnish. Delightful! 
 Making new friends at Uni. I fully expected to be a complete loner through my entire three years but a few weeks in and I would say Ive got some people I would now consider real friends, and other lovely people who have the potential to be as well :) Meeting nice new people is such a breath of fresh air.

Walking more. Yes, it is colder now so not as pleasant, but it means Im getting a little bit more exercise walking to the metro then walking to uni and back. Every little helps!

My new bedroom. Its still a work in progress, I have no furniture apart from my wardrobe, and my bed is currently my brothers old single bed until I get my new double bed. But its already my little haven so its going to be gorgeous and my favourite place when its completely done. 

My student loan. My make-up/shoe/clothing collection has been stocked up nicely because of it.