Sunday, 2 October 2011

September In Pictures

 Last time I did this post of my photos from the month, I just copyed and pasted them from Facebook. I thought it worked, and it didnt. So Ive stopped being lazy...hopefully you actually see some photos this time!...

 This was from my 20th Birthday on the 10th. My dress was from Republic for £20, and I looooove it. I wore Girl About Town lipstick (post to come) and its my new night out must have. These are some of the less drunk photos from the night with some of my favourite girls.

 I had been tanning every day for a week...Stacey just makes me look like a milkbottle haha.

I love this photo, my besties! Im gunna put this in a frame when my bedroom is finished.

This was taken at a recent leaving party because two of my best friends moved to London for Uni. There were plenty of tears shed that night haha, miss them both already! Amy in the photo above is one of the girls who has moved away.

Hahaha love this!

Another one to be framed. I love my girls!

The wife! Must get her to do her blog again, it was so good!

Self timer failure haha.

My othe beautiful friend Hayleigh who also took off to London, come back little pea!

Ok, so this is a different night. Yes I wore the same dress, I love it too much to keep it hidden in my wardrobe (River Island circa April 2010.) This is from The Inbetweeners themed night in Dirty Pop in town. They had the real car from the show and some lucky lad won it who was sat outside in it eating his kebab at the end of the night. There was free lollies and pick and mix as well - loved it!

Me and David - too many Appletinis!

Sory its photo heavy but you could have guessed that frim the title ;)


  1. Great post, looks like you had alot of fun!

    Sarah xx

  2. aw i love all the photos! you look so stunning! x