Sunday, 2 October 2011

September Favourites

Another month has flew past and Im sat here trying to figure out where it went! I feel as though I havent posted nearly enough through September but Im itching toget reviewing some products that Ive been trying and want to get back into it. Heres my favourites from September...

I did a FOTD post a few days ago based around this lipstick I love it that much. Basically I was looking for a nice nude that wouldnt mke me look dead, or cheap and nasty. I saw a video a while back where Tanya Burr of Pixi2Woo said this was one of her favourite nudes, and it looked amazing on her. I had been lusting after it ever since and had considered buying it numerous times, then I just bit the bullet and picked it up with some of my birthday money. Im so glad I did, its so soft and smooth on the lips and doesnt dry them out at all. It leaves a pretty glossy finish and is very pigmented. Although I do love to indulge in the odd high end lipstick, a lot of the time I think the drugstore brands do a good job too, especially Rimmel.

I caved and eventually picked this concealer up after everyone was raving about it on here and youtube. I have to say it really has lived up to the hype for me. Granted, the packaging is already a mess but I knew this when I bought it. The product itself is creamy, provides a good coverage and does a good job on my under-eyes and any blemishes. Most concealers Ive used have just attracted more atention to my problem areas by caking all over spots and looking a mess where as this doesnt. It also doesnt settle into any fine lines I have under my eyes which is great as that is something I have hated with other concealers, including a few MAC varieties. Im quite lucky and find I dont need to use concealer every day, but Im really glad I have this to hand on those days when I do. Id really recommend it!

Ive been stocking up on these lip liners using my £5 off vouchers that Boots give out. Ive got this one (plum) and also the nude one and absolutely love them both. I hadnt really eve used lipliner before these and Im really glad Ive gotten into it. My lips look much more put together when I use this, and my lipstick stays put much longer. Theyre so soft and creamy to apply making it really easy without tugging on your lips. They also come with a teeny sharpener in the bottom of each liner which I find really handy. I want to collect the rest of the colours with my remaining No7 vouchers as they only cost £2.50 when using the vouchers, bargain!

There was a lot of hype surrounding this perfume when it first launched, maybe a few years ago now. But somehow I just never got round to smelling it until this August and instantly fell in love. After some very unsubtle hints Motherbear got it for my birthday! Thanks Mam! Ive literally worn nothing else ever since, morning noon and night I wear this constantly. It smells kind of florally and fruity but in a very glamorous way. Its just one of those perfumes that instantly makes you feel like your more put together and dressed up no matter what it is you actually look like. I spray this on when Im sitting in the house looking like crap and can feel so much better about myself. Its just gorgeous, and my new signature scent!

This will be feautured in a haul post soon, so this is kind of back to front. I bought this on a MAC splurge with my birthday money. Mythical is a limited edition shade from the MAC Me Over collection thats out at the minute. From the website and swatches I never really thought much of it, until I saw in in real life at my local MAC counter and needed it. Its a gorgeous warm reddy browny colour that I really cant justify unless youve seen it yourself and know how pretty it is. It has a lovely shimmer to it and it is the Veluxe Pearl finish, which I have found most of my favourite MAC eyeshadows are, so maybe theres a trend there. Go and see it for yourself and youll see what I mean.

Food Favourite:
Ham and Cheese Toasted Baguettes from Greggs - I live off these when Im at Uni

Music Favourite:
Still loving Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5. It will always from now on remind me of my 20th birthday party. Extremely drunk dancing with some of my oldest friends that I hadnt seen for ages. Fantastic.

Random Favourite:
Student Loan! Hello massive hauls of things I shouldnt be buying.



  1. I still haven't smelt Lady Million but really want to! Really like how it looks too xxx

  2. I love Lady Million, it's one of my faves!

    Sarah xx

  3. I love lady million, its on my christmas pressie list! x