Friday, 4 November 2011

Five Good Things For Friday

1. It is my best (boy) friend Joe's 21st birthday party tonight and Im so excited...even though its decided to p*ss down all day, fingers crossed I wont look like a drowned rat tonight!

 (Me looking shattered and drunk, joe with a swollen face because of some wierd infection...lovely pair)

2. The best thing of the week by far was going with Davids mam to pick out the puppies theyre family are getting for Christmas...seriously they could fit in one hand they were so teensy! We picked out two girls and theyre gorgeous, and I cant wait for David to see them...

3. I  bought Cosmopolitan magazine yesterday and it came with a free pair of Eyelure false eyelashes which Im going to attempt to wear tonight. I never buy them normally because Im useless at putting them on, make a huge mess and flush them down the toilet in rage...but saying as these ones were free Im willing to give them another go :)

4. Ive just bought these two dresses and I LOVE them...

Asos - £40

 Missguided £15

5. 49 Sleeps until Christmas!!
Yes...Im counting already


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  1. I cannot believe its so close to Christmas, eeek! Those puppies are adorable. I demand LOTS OF PICS once you get them back to your home! Btw I can't tell you enough how much I LOVE your blog. xxx