Sunday, 20 November 2011

My Most Recent Youtubing Escapades!

I may still seem slightly awkward in front of the camera, but Im really loving doing youtube videos. I still love my blog to bits, its my baby, but Ive found filming videos to be good fun too. Im still gettin to grips with my camera, and Im trying to learn how to edit videos in some way but Im getting there!

Heres my two most recent videos....

In this video I talk about the blush products I own, and what I think about each one...

 I decided to film a video on the products I got in the October Glossybox after Id had a few weeks to test them out and decide what I thought of them...

Apologies for having an awful cold in these videos, my sniffling and croaky video annoys me so Im guessing its annoying for you guys!

Please take a look and if you like you could subscribe, it would mean SOOO much to me!

Thanks my lovelies

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