Sunday, 20 November 2011

My Blog's Birthday

Oh my god I completely forgot it was the 1 year birthday for my blog 3 days ago! I posted my first ever blog post on the 17th of November last year, it was my "Top 3 Lush Bubble Bars" post haha. Its not that good, the photos have disappeared because I didnt know what I was doing back then.

So Im celebrating my blog's birthday right now instead, so Happy Birthday Dollymix962!!! hehe :)

I never imained I would still love my blog and be writing posts over a year later, back then I was extatic to reach 10 followers, and now theres over 200 of you and that makes me soooo happy and overwhelmed that over 200 would want to read anything I type up on here.

Thankyou all so so much for reading my blog and showing an interest, its my little area of escapism where I can find like minded people who actuall enjoy me rambling on about make-up, and it ives my poor boyfriend a rest from me going on to him about it when he doesnt have a clue what it all is anyway.

I had intended to do a thank-you giveaway for my followers who have got this far with me, but of course I forgot so I cant now! Instead Im going to do a special little Christmas giveaway so look out for that startin the 1st of December Im really excited for it!

Love you all!!



  1. Hayley well done!! Loved reading your posts, even when I had my break from blogging! Happy Blog Birthday :) p.s. hope you were watching rihanna on x factor tonight!

  2. Thanks Claire :)

    Aw Abby thankyou its ncie to know when people consistenly like reading them....and yes I most certainly was she was amazing! Im going to see her a week today so I cant wait :D xxx