Thursday, 3 November 2011

October Favourites

This is a teensy bit later than I normally post my favourites, but Ive just got back from holiday and have finally gotten round to taking some (horrendously bad) photos so youll have a load of posts coming now :)

My favourites for this month are thee little beauties...

L-R: Tangleteezer, Collection 2000 Cream Puff, MAC Big Baby Plushglass, Natural Collection Peach Melba Blusher, Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation

  The Tangleteezer
Im going to do a full post on this veeery soon so I wont go into too much depth, apart from to say I dont know how I lived before I owned this. Dramatic? Yes. Deserved? Yes. I got this smaller compact travel version on the plane going on holiday and I love it. More to come soon!

Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation
Again, I am going to do be doing a full review on this soon so I wont go overboard now. I bought it purely ta

Peach Melba Natural Collection Blush
Im very into natural looking blush colours, especially if Im going for a brighter eye or lip look, I perfer to play down the cheeks but still have some warmth to them. This is the perfect shade for doing that. It is a warm peach browny shade that I find can work beautifully as a contour powder as well as a gorgeous blush that just gives a healthy glow to the skin, in a way that you look like youve been on holiday perhaps. I think these blushes by Natural Collection are fantastic quality, I like the few I have just as much as my MAC ones, and these are only £1.99 which is unbelievable! I jsut wish they did a wider range of colours so i could get more!

MAC Big Baby Plushglass
I have never been a huge lpgloss fan, and never grown fond of any lipgloss in particular and just threw on whatever went with my lipstick. But since I got Big Baby last Christmas it is by miles my favourite ever lipgloss. You can tell this because Ive went threw about 2/3rds of the tube. The Plushglasses are meant to be plumping, and do give a slightly more volumised effect due to some teeny sparkly pieces, which arent irritating or overly noticable really. It tingles a tiny bit on application but it soon fades and is barely there so isnt at all irritating. I just love the milky consistency of it and the lovely nudey peachy colour that goes with any look and Ive worn it over loads of different lipsticks and it always looks good. Plus it isnt very sticky at all. Its my baby and I love it.

Collection 2000 Cream Puff
I pivked this up out of pure curiosity as it looks exactly like a lip gloss but is matte. It turns out that this is such a good product, not just a gimmick at all. It smells great, like cakes, and the effect it gives is a velvety soft feeling on the lips and a lovely pigmented colour with no stickyness or shine that comes with lipglosses. Im not sure what colour this is as it doesnt say anywhere on the tube, but it comes out a really nice rosey pink. Im thinking of trying out some of the other colours too.


  1. I love my cream puff too, I can't wait to pick up more!

    Sarah xx

  2. I'm looking forward to the Light as air reveiw because I have read so much about it, very interested :-)