Tuesday, 1 November 2011

New "Eight" Tag Post

I did a post back in March that was a tag post Id found somewhere called "Eight". Its currently one of my most read posts, and still gets a load of views to this day, so I thought I would do a renewed version, Ive left a few out that havent changed such as favourite places to eat, things I love about the seasons etc....so on with the tag, and I tag you all!

Oh and Ive added an extra one on the bottom (8 things you didnt know about me)

8 TV Shows I Watch:

The Hills...The Lauren years of course.

The Apprentice...Pretty sure Ive already confessed my strange obsession with Sir Alan on here already

 Glee...Im officially a gleek and no longer care at all. Sue Sylvester is a genius.

An Idiot Abroad...Karl Pilkington...Will you marry me?

Keeping Up With The Kardashians...Not bothered if theyre "just famous for being famous" whatever thats supposed to mean. Major love for the Kardashians...oh and Kim, I was screaming that Kris was a pain in the arse for MONTHS before youve finally got rid of him.

Sex and the City...its an on going obsession for me, no need to explain really.

The Bachelor...I loved the american version, and was gutted when I heard Gavin Henson was doing the UK version, but Ive grown to love him over the series, actually slightly in love now. 

The OC....Ill still want to marry Seth when Im 70 I think.
8 Things Im Looking Forward To:

My friend Joe's 21st birthday party on Friday (oldest photo ever of us from 2008 when the only make-up I wore to go out was mascara and lipgloss haha how times change)
My Family's Bonfire Night party on Saturday (My family throw amazing partys which always end up with dancing on the giant coffee table my uncle has)
Rihannaaaaaaaaa! Cannot wait seriously.

My friend Sara's 21st birthday party on the 17th (the beautifully tanned girl in the middle next to me, shes such a party girl, such a laugh to go out with)

 My Blogs 1st Birthday!

Learning how to use my Dads new Canon 5D Mark 2 camera to start filming HD youtube videos :)

January's student loan installment

Going to see Steps in April...yes its probably only happening because theyre skint, but this trip down memory lane is so wirth the £45 for the ticket.

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

I came home from Lanzarote, best holiday Ive ever had spent with this lot.....Yes this many of us really did go on holiday. I have such a huge family and this is only my Dads side haha. Try and find me...its like Wheres Wally...
I slept a lot, bad plane journey!

I seen my mam and my doggy, Id missed them so much in the past 2 weeks!

I caught up on The Bachelor and Big Brother that Id missed. Is Gavin Henson MAD?! I hated the girl he picked (no spoiler for those who may not have seen the final yet). Love that Jay and Lousie are still together on BB.

 I went to Primark (leggings, bag, and mittens purchases)

I ordered a curry

I did absolutely nothing Halloween related, I was too tired off the trip home

I put my holiday photos on Facebook

8 Things on My Wishlist

Best holiday ever last week....

And my list wish is for an amazing 21st birthday party, but a suprise one haha.

8 Things You Didnt Know About Me

One by Swedish House Mafia is known as "my song"

I eat chips most days

I find it much easier to be friends with boys than girls

Im a huge Nicki Minaj fan and know all the words and dance moves to Super Bass

Im naturally really really pale, and my "tan" from my holiday is still pale to most people but its about as brown as I get unfortunately

Im really really reeeeeally shy.

...until I have a few cocktails then Im literally everyones best mate and say exactly what Im thinking (this isnt always good)

Im off out now with Davids Mam to pick the two puppies that shes getting from the breeder to buy David and his brother for Christmas...Its a suprise present and shes going to bring them home on Christmas Eve. Theyre Shi Tzus, so CUTE! I dont know how Im going to keep it a secret.


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  1. You will LOVE rihanna. I've just posted about it