Saturday, 21 April 2012

Instagramming and an Update on Me

Ive become hooked on Instagram since it came to Android, which I was so excited about, so I might do a few of these instagram type posts now and again...

Found my old Lauren Conrad obsessive t-shirt in the back of a drawer
Long awaited Liz Earle order
Naughty MAC order
Reem pyjamas, much to my boyfriends horror
Avon Sequined Turqouise
Trying to decide on a polish to use
Cosy cheesy hoody to stay warm inside when its rainy outside
A little FOTD you may have noticed theres a few little haul items in there and Im on a "spending ban" type of thing. Ive decided to end that now, as it was just going on WAY too long, Ive been doing it since January. Yes, I have defiaantely had a few cheats along the way but its really helped me to save money and use up some products. Ive even discovered a love for some thing I forgot I even had. Ill definately do one again soon, after Ive bought everything Im gunna need for Ibiza, to try and save some more spending money. You can see how I did with this one HERE, I think I did very well actually, next time I definately wont put so many products in it!

I should be writing essays and revising instead of writing this post but I like to keep you updated. From now until May 18th, I have so many essay deadlines and exams it maes me want to cry. So my blog may be a little quiet for a while. Also, Ive lost my camera, so until I find that or give in and buy a new one, the only photos Ill get is when I can borrow my dads camera, so please be patient with me :)

Youll probably see more of me on youtube rather than here as I still have my (rather crappy) video camera so Ill try and put more up there. Theres going to be a huuuge haul going up later today if youd like to have a look! Click HERE to go to my youtube channel. Thanks for reading! 


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