Wednesday, 4 April 2012

March Faves & Instagram!

Just a quick little catch up today, Ive been very busy recently and Im not entirely sure doing what, Ive never stopped but havent go anything done. Anyway, I was going to attempt to fit in a proper review for you today but Im bogged down with so much work, so that will be tomorrow instead, sorry!

This month I decided to do my favourites in video HERE to go see that. I never want my blog readers to miss out on favourites or anything so if thats on my youtube instead Ill let you guy know. I also did the 10 Little Secrets Tag over there that Sammi from BeautyCrush made up so be sure to have a look at that too!

I dont know whether you would prefer me to do blogposts to accompany each video, such as my "Drugstore Favourites" video I made recently, I was cnsidering doing a blg post too but I dont know if that would be a bit of an overkill, so let me know!

Another thing which Im rather excited about is Instagram being available for Android users (aka, people like me). So now I have Instagram, and cant wait to start snapping pictures of my day to day life every two seconds for you all! It would make my day if you would follow me, saying as right now nobody is at all haha. My username is hayleydollymix :) Just one little question for any Instagram-ers, can you access Instagram from your computer and if not how do your get yous photos from Intagram onto your blog posts?

Im such a technophobe.

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