Thursday, 26 April 2012

Yankee Wax Tarts and Burner

Quite a random one today, but I know loads of you like your Yankee Candles so I thought why not tell you about my latest love.

As a student, I dont really have enough money to throw heaps of it at candles. As much as I loveee my Yankee Candles, theyre pretty much only around when Im given them as gifts. This is where my investment in the wax tarts and burner come in. The basic theory behind these is just like an oil burner only they come in what looks like a little tart, and kind of in candle wax form. You put one in the top of the burner and put any kind of cheapy tealight in the bottom to make it melt and release the scent. Once the candles gone out the wax hardens again until next time.

I love these as to me they smell just as strong as the candles and one will last you forever! I bought these around 3 months ago, and instantly put my first tart in (French Vanilla) and Im still not even half way through that one burning away! Best of all these are £1.15 each, or there about depending what offers are on. You can literally get them in every candle scent too... I bought these ones which will probably end up lasting me about 2 years!

Vanilla Cupcake, Baby Powder, Fluffy Towels, Clean Cotton, and Soft Blanket

I bought these at Yankee Direct, where you can get the burners too, in all sorts on pretty colors and effects, the one I have below is the "Gold and Pearl Tart Burner" and was only £13.45. Its so pretty too so its a lovely decoration in my bedroom.

It looks so much prettier at night time when the light flickers through the crackled glass, lovely and relaxing!

I know its a slightly strange post but I thought it may be something some of you may like to hear about?
Any scent recommendations?

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  1. I have tried all of them and loved them. The great thing is that you can burn them over and over and they still smell!!What I lately do is put some plain water and add vanilla powder (used for desserts), the scent is AMAZING and it is healthier too.
    Stop by my blog to see the latest post on my bedroom!!