Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Operation Ibiza Bikini Body #2, Jillian Michaels and Green Tea

Ive got so many reviews I really want to post for you, but the problem is Ive gone and lost my camera. My video camera is retty awful too so I cant take any pictures at the minute, nightmare. I was thinking what could I post that didnt need photos. So although this would benefit from my own photos, Im gunna talk about what Ive been doing to try and achieve "bikini body" status.

With it being uni exam revision and essay time, I havent been ding as much as Id like to, but Ive definately been going in the right direction.

As far as exercise goes, I ordered the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD, and a little pair of womens weights to use with it.

So far Ive done three days of it and Im really enjoying it, but it is bloody hard! I thought people were exagerating but it really is tough on your body, which I like as it means its actually working. The first day I did it I could barely move my legs after, I went to stand up and my jelly legs took me to sitting on the floor haha.

I do feel though, that doing this for 30 days straight is a bit tough on your body, so Im doing it in three day chunks, then resting for a day. I think this is sensible for someone like me who never normally exercises at all, rather than just going at it non stop.

I think buying the weights really makes a difference too. I use the Pineapple ones below. Yeh, you could use a tin of beans but the weights are just easier to use I find.

Im no dietitian, so in terms of diet, Im not really doing anything drastic or strict as Im really not trying to lose any weight, just be healthier. Ive been replacing snacks of biscuits or crisps with fruit, and trying to eat more fresh veg and home cooked meals over fast food and takeaways. So far Ive been doing pretty well with it, I dont refuse myself anything, if I want to get dessert Ill have it, otherwise Id resent doing this and stop altogether.  

Ive also swapped regular tea for green tea, I like the Tetleys ones, and any fizzy drinks for fruit juice or water, which I find I like both better anyway so thats a bonus.

This has been a mammoth post without me even realising! So Ill leave the skincare and oter thing for next time! Let me know if you have any tips :)



  1. definitely thinking of ordering the 30 day shred! So many people are talking about it atm, i'm doing the exact same thing with trying to be healthier and get a bikini body xx

    1. I love it so far! Really scared to go up to level 2 though haha. Its a great quick and effective workout though even if you dont stick to the 30 day thing xx

  2. I've been wanting to get an exercise DVD because I am stuck in a gym rut, so after reading your post, I bought the 30 day shred! lol. Very spontaneous of me. Let me know how yours goes. I will do a blog post on my progress when I get it.

    Anyways, so thanks for the motivation! :)

    Monique x


    1. Ooh thats great! Pleased Ive influenced youre decision, I look forward to hearing how you feel about it xx

  3. Omg I have two of Jillian's dvds and loved them (I've lost them somewhere though :|) they are really tough though, especially 30 day shred. I agree, I wouldn't do it every single day, your body needs to rest and recover I think. I really like the way your going about all this too, no silly fad diet or anything and eating healthy, but still with the treats. I've tried loads of times to workout every single day and completely restrict myself and after a week I can't take it anymore! It's too serious for me. So now I'm basically trying the same, it's going well so far :) Oh, I love green tea too! x

    1. Ive just ordered two more, getting a little ahead of myself saying Im till at level 1 on 30 day shred haha. Thanks, I like to think Im mre sensible with my body...a bit scared of crash dieting xx

  4. Hey lv, I've given you the versatile blogger award :) Have a look on my blog on what you need to do: http://nikkithepixie.blogspot.com/

    Monique xx

  5. Aw thankyou so much Monique very nice of you to do so :D x