Wednesday, 25 April 2012

MAC Babysparks Dazzleglass

Just a quick post on what is definately my current favourite lipgloss. I bought Babysparks a few months ago, and Ive been loving it ever since. I ignored the bloggers who said the dazzleglasses were way too sticky, and Im so glad I did. 

Granted, it is rather on the sticky side, but this is something I really dont mind as it means the lipgloss stays put for ages. I love that about it, but the one downside is once it actually does wear away and theres no gloss left, youre left with the glittery parts stuck to your lips. I can deal with this by just making sure I reapply if it wears off.

The gloss runs down in the tube surprisingly quickly...the picture above is how much Ive used up in around 2 months. However I can deal with it as I loveee the look (and scent) of dazzleglasses that Ive never quite found in another gloss. Although it is glittery, it doesnt look childish or gross on the lips, instead it makes them look glossy, shiney and full...Im a little obsessed now.

The applicator is a brush rather than a spongey type applicator, which I kind of prefer. The colour of the gloss looks really baby pink, but I find this doesnt transfer too much to the lips in a fake barbie pink way. Instead it gives a nice subtle pinky colour which pretty much goes with any lipstick Ive worn it with. I especially love it over nudey lipsticks to make them a little more wearable. 

This is how it looks on my lips on its own. I could talk about this all day, I love it so much. I cant wait to get my hands on some more Dazzleglasses, in particular Smile and Love Alert.

Do you like Dazzleglasses? If so which ones would you recommend?

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  1. It is probably my favourite dazzleglass color...
    Love how it looks great with or without a lipstick!!I was also shocked by what Go blonder did for your hair, WOW!
    Check my latest post and tell me if you like my bedroom!!!